Whew…..2021- My Year End Review

Wow…Can you believe that 2021 has already come to an end? On one hand, it seems like it just started and then on the other hand, it seems like it has gone on forever. 2021, much like 2020, was a year of learning for me, a year of some regret as well as a year of personal growth and development. There was so much about this year that I really do not want to go back and repeat.

I started off this year with several goals and objectives. I know you are wondering if I accomplished any of my goals this year. Yes…I did accomplish some of them but not all of them. For the goals that I did not accomplish, I am able to move them into my 2022 goals. For those that I did accomplish, the result was what I was desiring. I was behind in defining my goals and vision casting this year. I was well into Q1 before I finally sat down and defined my goals and vision for the year. I can only wonder what this year would have been like if I had started off at the beginning of January instead of the beginning of March.


This year I developed a budget and was able to stick pretty close to that budget. Ending the year in the black instead of the red is always a positive.


This year was a very tough one for our family. From spending months in the hospital, burying loved ones, to surrendering my parental rights to my 2 oldest kids (future blog post), being diagnosed with skin cancer. We have been through the ringer this year as a family.


This year has testing my faith greater than any other year in my life. I still struggle daily with understanding God and why seemingly bad things happen to good people, while good things happen to bad people. I am learning to trust God again and trust that He knows the perfect plan.


I am not done well with this goal this year. I did accomplish some fitness goals but not near what I had defined for this year.


This year has been a challenging year for me in this area. I did not come close to hitting my goals in the area. There was a lot of factors that played a role in this.

Personal Development/Growth:

This year started off really well in this area. I was able to develop several key habits that propelled my growth and development this year. I hired a life coach. I stated reading again. I read over 1000 pages this year. I defined a new life vision that guides everything that I do.

This are just a few areas that I review and address in my year end review. I take several days to review this past year and cast vision and set goals for the year to come. This next year, I will also do quarterly reviews in order to make sure that I am still on the correct trajectory for 2022. My hashtag for 2022 is #growyouin22

Are you currently doing a year end review? What does your process look like? If you are not doing one, what is keeping you from doing a year end review? What resources are you planning to use in 2022?

-Because People Matter


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